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8 Reasons Trauma Survivors Don’t Talk About Their Trauma Symptoms

If someone you love has lived through trauma, hopefully this list will help you understand why they sometimes struggle to open up to you. It isn't personal, trauma is just...hard.

mental health

Mental Health Monday: It’s Time to Get More Help

Dramatic or not, I am tired of feeling this way, and pretending it isn't happening isn't making anything better. So something has to change.

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Black Lives Still Matter: 6 Things You Can Do To Actively Support Black People and Dismantle Racism

The movement for racial justice cannot be fueled by the deaths and brutalization of Black people.

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How to Build a Plus-Size Wardrobe on a Budget: Pandemic Edition

Overall, I think I did pretty well. I kept the cost relatively low, bought pieces that I like and that actually fit me, and I spread out my purchases so our bank account didn't take a hit all at once. And I did it all without trying anything on.

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Mental Health Monday: 8 Self-Care Ideas for Suicidal Thoughts

Pretending these feelings aren't real just gives them more power because they start to feel more and more out of control.